Before we ask people to change, we need to be willing to change the processes that affect their daily lives. Evolving processes will always empower people to grow and develop.


Processes are not technology. Processes are multiplied and scaled by technology to good processes multiplies the good, applying technology to bad practices multiplies the bad.


Technology is simply a tool for multiplication and scaling. As engineers, we understand that technology is never the end goal. Engineers apply the least amount of technology necessary to get the job done.


UTM-RemoteLink is an Engineering Company. We bring the engineering perspective to every problem we attempt to solve. More than 25 years ago, under the business name RemoteLink, we started applying our engineering capabilities to solve business communication problems. Since then, we have created custom, scalable solutions to solve hundreds of problem across multiple business domains.

Along the way, our hearts have always been drawn to investing in the community. Over the years, we have invested in social enterprise efforts, including business incubation and prisoner development. We formed a separate division called Unleash the Masterpiece (UTM) to drive overall services and support for our investment in the community and in social enterprise.

In order to provide the necessary focused attention to all of our efforts, we formed an umbrella organization, UTM-RemoteLink, Inc, to provide support and structure for our various divisions and partners. You can learn more about our divisions and partners by following the links below.


Freedom from Within

Social Enterprise Network/Institute